Day: 21 August 2017

And Finally…

More than six years ago I started talking about high frequency trading “eating itself” and the latest deal in this world seems to suggest the feast is well underway. Rather than seeing this, as many media outlets do, as being driven by lower volatility and volume in markets, I think it is more about competition. And nowhere is this competitive impact better highlighted than in the story of the planned building of two radio masts on the coast of England.

Rocktoberfest in New York and Chicago Nears

Two Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest events, the annual fundraisers for children’s charity A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO), will take place on 5 and 26 October in Chicago and New York
The two events events will unite over 2,000 leaders from the alternative investments and finance industry for rock & roll and acoustic music, featuring over a dozen bands whose talented performers are industry leaders. New York anticipates a total of more than 15 acoustic and main stage acts for its event on 26 October, while Chicago has nearly 10 performances scheduled to headline on October 5.