Month: June 2016

Mixed Fortunes in First Batch of Volumes

The first three platforms to publish May data offer a confused picture with Gain GTX and HotspotFX lower but FastMatch higher. FastMatch reports average daily volume (ADV) of $11.4 billion, its second highest this year and its fifth highest since it started operating. This represents a 5.5% increase month-on-month and a 31% increase from May […]

P&L Talk Series with Tony Dalton

Tony Dalton, Head of Global Foreign Exchange, R.J. O’Brien & Associates, talks with Profit & Loss about the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit. Profit & Loss: What attracted you from a large bank to a boutique firm like RJ O’Brien? Tony Dalton: The reason I considered and ultimately decided to join RJ O’Brien was based […]

FinTechs: The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Galen Stops assesses the FinTech landscape and identifies some of the challenges and opportunities facing these firms. “FinTech”, the marriage of finance and information technology, has been around for some time. In an academic paper published in October 2015, The Evolution of FinTech: A New Post-Crisis Paradigm, the authors trace the term’s origins to the […]

FX Liquidity: Living in a Fool’s Paradise?

As market participants continue to report a decline in FX market liquidity, many attribute this trend to a continued retrenchment of principal liquidity from the banks. “Our view is that there has been a gradual decline in liquidity since mid-2014. We see this in the headline bid/offer spreads on the classic interdealer venues, we see […]

Thomson Reuters Eyes Gap in the Market with New FX Benchmark

As the European Central Bank (ECB) tries to discourage corporates from using its 2:15pm CET FX reference rate as a benchmark, Thomson Reuters has stepped in to provide a specifically designed benchmark for these firms. The new WM/Reuters 2pm CET benchmark has been launched today and is designed to function as an FX benchmark for […]