Month: November 2015

Tech Corner

A round up of the latest technology news…  AFEX has partnered with prepaid card and e-money business Centtrip, to launch its AFEX CurrencyPass Prepaid MasterCard and e-money account. The service, available to AFEX’s corporate and SME clients, offers live market rates on 14 currencies in one account and one card. Rival Systems has launched a new risk […]

And Another Thing…

A couple of things said to me last week both gladdened and saddened me. Talking to someone from the regulatory world, the observation was made that they really wanted to spend six months working in a markets environment to help them better understand what really went on. It was further noted that the processes that […]

SmartTrade Adds Margin Credit

SmartTrade Technologies added a margin credit functionality to its “end-to-end low latency” FX trading platform, LiquidityFX, due to growing client demand, the company says. The margin credit extension is fully integrated and complements its existing risk management features, giving clients the ability to immediately access additional advanced functionalities, the firm says. The extension allows end […]

TradingScreen Monitors Market Abuse Scenarios

TradingScreen announces the launch of the Market Surveillance Tool, part of its TradeAnalytics family of products, designed to monitor a broad range of market abuse scenarios across all asset classes, especially listed derivatives.  The firm says the new surveillance tool is open and offers a simple-to-use system that will meet regulatory requirements for appropriate monitoring […]

Creating an FX Code With Teeth

David Puth, chairman of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Market Participants’ Group, has stressed the need for the FX market to adopt a code of conduct that has “teeth”. Speaking at an ACI Americas event last week, Puth, who is also the CEO of CLS Group, explained that the BIS group has been tasked […]

Aite Sees Listed Derivatives Trading Moving East

A new report by Aite Group shows that the Asia-Pacific region offers the most growth potential for listed derivatives trading. The report, Global Listed Derivatives Market, 2015: Opportunity Lies Mainly in the East, highlights major global trends for listed futures and options trading as well as identifies opportunities and challenges that will shape the listed derivatives […]

SGX Establishes Co-Location With CME

Singapore Exchange (SGX) will establish a presence in the CME Group co-location facility based in Aurora, Illinois, to provide direct connectivity for customers between the two facilities. The SGX Chicago Hub, hosted within the CME Group co-location data centre, will enable customers in North America to connect directly to SGX and access its derivatives trading […]

Banks Projected to Spend $1bn on Blockchain

Banks Projected to Spend $1bn on Blockchain According to a survey conducted by European fintech and SaaS businesses specialist, Magister Advisors, leading international banks are investing $1 billion in blockchain-related projects over the next two years, and claim the consensus view is that bitcoin will become the sixth global reserve currency within 15 years. The survey […]

XTX Goes Live on 360T

XTX Markets, an electronic trading firm providing liquidity in the FX, commodity, equity and derivatives markets, announces that it has joined 360T’s multi-dealer trading platform as a streaming liquidity provider. Jan Strømme, head of e-FX sales at XTX Markets, says, “I am delighted that XTX Markets is providing clients with access to its liquidity streamvia […]

BoE Study: Markets Need to be Resilient as Well as Effective

Financial markets need to be more than just effective, according to a Bank of England paper which argues they need to be equally resilient. The paper, The Resilience of Financial Market Liquidity, was authored by Niki Anderson, Lewis Webber, Joseph Noss, Daniel Beale and Liam Crowley-Reidy from the Bank of England, seeks to contribute and […]