Day: 24 November 2015

Lack of Clarity Over Spoofing as Schneiderman Targets FX

As New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, investigates alleged spoofing activity in the FX markets, legal experts indicate that it is unclear how the rules regarding this behaviour will be enforced. The issue of spoofing has become a controversial topic in the financial markets, especially since Michael Coscia, a principal at Panther Energy Trading, was […]

Fetta Joins Santander

Gian Luca Fetta is the new global head of foreign exchange at Santander, based in London, according to the bank. In the newly created role, Fetta will focus on consolidating a single common FX platform to deliver a global strategy that captures the entire FX flows within SGCB and connect it at a bank-wide level. Fetta […]

Redline Partners With Nasdaq eSpeed on US Treasuries

Redline Trading Solutions says that its InRush accelerated ticker plant now supports Nasdaq eSpeed, a fully executable central limit order book for electronic trading in US Treasuries. Global market data from over 130 venues, now including Nasdaq eSpeed data, is normalised and delivered to automated trading applications through the InRush API. This new feed handler […]