Month: January 2015

EBS Appoints Global Head of Strategy…

Icap’s EBS has appointed Justyn Trenner to the newly created role of global head of strategy as part of its drive to deliver new products, reach new client segments and potentially target other asset classes. The appointment follows a three-year transformation of EBS, overseen by CEO Gil Mandelzis, from a single-product to a multi-product company […]

JP Morgan Agrees New Settlement for FX Manipulation

JP Morgan has agreed a settlement, believed to be worth $100 million, in an antitrust litigation lawsuit brought against 12 major banks for alleged manipulation of the FX market. The bank submitted a letter to judge Lorna Scholfield of the Court of the Southern District of New York, stating that it had reached a settlement […]

And Finally…

It would be nice to start 2015 off with something cheery…nice but quite impossible the way things are going. Actually that’s probably wrong. If you’re young, recently graduated, haven’t worked in or near a financial markets trading business prior to two years ago, and in compliance, you probably have a bright future – in terms of […]

Mt Gox Missing Bitcoins Thought to be Result of Fraud

Police in Japan believe that the JPY 24.7 billion of Bitcoins that went missing when exchange Mt Gox collapsed disappeared as part of a fraud scheme. According to sources cited by Japanese news outlet, Yomiuri Shimbun, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), which is investigating the case in which about 650,000 Bitcoins went missing, think that […]

BSE Sees Record FX Derivatives Turnover

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has achieved a record high in currency derivatives turnover on its platform, registering more than the traditional incumbent in this market for the first time. On 1 January 2015, a total of 1.6 million contracts worth INR 105 billion ($1.6 billion) was traded on the BSE, whilst the National Stock […]

Lithuania Joins the Eurozone

Lithuania has now officially joined the euro, bringing the total Eurozone membership to 19. Lietuvos Bankas, the national central bank of Lithuania, becomes a member of the Eurosystem, the central banking system of the euro area, which comprises the European Central Bank and 19 national central banks. Lithuania also joins the Single Supervisory Mechanism, which […]

Dodd-Frank Changes Unlikely to Signal Broader Repeal

The recent amendments to the swaps rules in the Dodd-Frank Act are unlikely to form the beginning of a broader repeal of the regulation, according to legal experts in Washington. Dodd-Frank was in the headlines again at the end of last year as a repeal to the swaps push-out rule in the regulation was included […]

A New Fix Era

As WM strives to alter its fixing methodology in line with the recommendations of the FSB’s FX Benchmark Group, in a Squawkbox exclusive, FXBG co-chairs Guy Debelle and Paul Fisher answer Colin Lambert’s questions over the recommendations. CL: How happy are you with the level of feedback from the industry on the consultation process? The […]