Day: 27 June 2012

And Another Thing…

I flew from Tokyo to London earlier this week, it reminded me that I actually flew on the first ever non-stop flight between the two cities back in the late 1980s. I was, for some obscure reason that I cannot recall, travelling in first class, and I was the only passenger in that cabin who […]

Thomson Reuters Launches Psychological Analysis Service

Information and news giant Thomson Reuters has launched a psychological analysis tool that gauges market sentiment by analysing human emotion in news and social media in order to influence and support clients’ trading strategies. Thomson Reuters MarketPsych Indices (TRMIs) is designed to scour machine readable news and provide analysis on emotion and sentiment associated with […]

How to Comply with EU Regulation, Trade Association Style

A guide aimed at helping financial institutions come into compliance with a substantial and complex set of new European-wide regulatory standards is being developed by the Association of Private Client and Investment Managers, the European Federation of Energy Traders, the Futures and Options Association (FOA) and the Wholesale Market Brokers’ Association (WMBA).  The EU Regulation […]