Month: February 2011

Tech Corner

A round up of the latest technology news… Wall Street Systems has unveiled Equity Financial FX as the first Canadian financial services firm, as well as the first FX broker, to sign for Wallstreet ESN, an outsourced on-demand trade processing service for the foreign exchange markets. Equity plans to launch a new client web portal […]

And Finally…

Much time has been spent mulling over different ways to monetise the flow banks see on their platforms. Now it seems at least one bank is mulling over how to monetise the platform itself. In a way what will follow is another take on the Pure FX debate but this one appears to make more […]

Guest Editor’s Note: David Clark

Having complained in a recent editorial that legislation and the resulting changes in financial markets regulation on both sides of the Atlantic had pushed real currency news off the front page, it is delightful to be able to write about movements in FX rates and the powerful political and economic forces that have caused recent […]

First Derivatives’ Brian Conlon Outlines His Technology Roadmap

Julie Ros: It has been nearly a year since FD’s acquisition of Cognotec; can you give me an update on how the integration has gone?Brian Conlon: In the period since we acquired them, we’ve been building our product suite with a common technology base and bringing the two organisations closer together. At this juncture, we […]

SEB Launches Offshore Chinese Yuan Services

SEB has launched a set of services in offshore Chinese yuan (CNH) for cash management, trade finance and foreign exchange, one of the first banks in the Nordic region to offer such services. The launch follows China’s relaxation of currency rules as part of a drive to increase the international use of the yuan. In […]

Performance Reports

Currency Funds Dip in November: Parker Global currency managers posted losses in November as the US dollar rallied against nearly all of the majors, according to the latest Parker FX Index report. Funds in the index reported an aggregated loss of -0.39% in November with 42 out of the 69 funds incurring losses. The performance […]

Brave New World

In this latest update, which includes scores for Q3, scores are returning to lower levels. The G20 has shifted its attention to imbalances and the potential effects of cash flowing into EM. GEMaRI can provide pointers. This is our fifth quarterly update of the GEMaRI model, which we launched a year ago. The Global Emerging […]

TAB Networks Sees Risk Management as a Way to Raise Operating Margins

New Jersey-based TAB Networks is a financial services technology company that specialises in the development and distribution of risk management and trading platform technology. The company develops technology for firms operating in the FX, CFD and exchange traded equity markets. The company’s risk management engines are available on a standalone basis, or embedded in its […]

What’s New?

Barclays Capital has launched Limit Orders on Barx Fixed Income, its online electronic trading platform for fixed income securities and derivatives. Limit Orders is a fully automated service which allows clients to buy or sell government bonds or interest rate swaps when a certain price is reached in the market.From an electronic trade ticket, clients […]

“Pure FX” or “A Retreat from Reality”?

The issue of another ECN in the foreign exchange market, let alone a bank-only ECN, raises a series of questions – starting with “is it really necessary?” The working title of the platform, Pure FX, has raised some sceptical laughs among firms not directly involved in the project. One source from the hedge fund community […]