Month: June 2010

The Profit & Loss Hall of Fame

In 2009, Pro?t & Loss celebrated its 10th anniversary with the launch of the Pro?t & Loss Hall of Fame to recognise those individuals who have made signi?- cant contributions to the growth and success of the foreign exchange industry. This year, the honourees have long been industry leaders that have garnered respect from peers […]

The Last Word…

I must apologise to regular readers of my column in P&L’s Squawkbox because they would have read my thoughts on this subject before, but I think the issue is so important I want to get it in front of as wide an audience as possible.I was disillusioned to receive correspondence from within the financial markets […]

10 Years ago in Profit & Loss

Navigating the e-Commerce Maze Not for the first or last time, Profit & Loss provided readers with a guide to the burgeoning level of services provided by banks via the Internet. This time, the focus was on the buyers guide to e-services as we helped map out the various offerings and who did what, without, […]

FX Post-Trade Q&A

Q1: What issues still need to be addressed to improve the efficiency of the post-trade FX environment? Tim Finch – Head of Sales & Marketing – Option Computers Ltd (DealHub) The recent credit crisis gave the market an ‘unnatural’ pause, but the wisest heads are already considering gearing up for the next volume increases beyond […]