Month: June 2002

Boom Time in Forexland? The 2002 Profit & Loss FX Revenue League Table

Recent years have seen a trend towards a top group of banks in the FX market, especially in the field of revenues generated from these operations. Many banks calculate their FX results differently, which can make institutional comparisons difficult, but year-on-year the results provide a good barometer of how the banks are faring in what […]

ACI’s 6th European Congress Hits the Right Notes

The 6th European Congress of ACI – The Financial Markets Association was recently held in Luxembourg, and was the usual good blend of business and social activities. Additionally, the ACI Council adopted several new proposals to push the association forward. The exhibition hall played host to 25 exhibitors, many of whom have, or are due […]

Q&A With Northstart Capital Management, LLC

Company Information Company Name: Northstar Capital Management, LLC Location: Skyline Tower, 10900 NE 4th ST, Suite 2300 Bellevue, WA 98004 Contact Name: Walter Guidice Phone number 425-990-1009 Fax number 425-696-3063 Email Product Name: Northstar Global Fund, LP Product Assests: 15 million USD Total Assets Under Management: 15 million USD Firm Inception Date: May, 2001 […]

FXall Adds Liquidity Providers

Eleven more sell side institutions have been fully integrated into the FXall multibank platform, bringing the total of such institutions to 34 out of the 55 liquidity providers on the portal. The institutions are: ANZ, Bank of New Zealand, Barclays Capital, Brown Brothers Harriman, Danske Bank, ING Financial Markets, Jyske Bank, Merrill Lynch, National Australia […]

What Happens if the ECB Raises Rates?

By Michael Burke, B&M Research Market expectations have shifted abruptly in the direction of European Central Bank (ECB) tightening. In the early part of May, the July three-month Euribor contract had fallen by 25bps, implying that rates will rise towards 3.75% over that period, although soothing words from ECB President Wim Duisenberg have since sparked […]

Brazil: Politics vs Policies

By Rita Lavin, Standard & Poor’s MMS The Brazilian financial markets corrected sharply down since mid-April amid speculation related to the presidential campaign. For almost 12 months now, the opinion polls consistently hint that the left wing candidate Luis Inazio da Silva – “Lula” – of the left-wing Labor Party, is the most popular. In […]

SunGard Closes STN Treasury

The latest development in the online multibank FX industry has been another closure. STN Treasury, SunGard’s trading platform, is to close after failing to break into the market to any great degree. The closure is unlikely to create the waves that accompanied the closure of Atriax, indeed SunGard itself made a very low profile announcement […]

ICY Software: A Different Approach to the Market

Paris-based ICY Software has added a structured deposit suite to its ICYfx and ICYfxnet currency options systems. The new offering enables users to construct structured deposits based on the option strategy being analysed in the pricing page. The move follows the introduction of a request for quote (RFQ) mechanism in conjunction with Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein […]

Currenex Launches FXtrades Fund, Adds Travelex

Currenex has unveiled FXtrades Fund, a new service designed specifically to meet the requirements of hedge funds, CTAs and asset managers. The company says that the new release automates these parties’ entire trading lifecycle and reporting processes, and enables them to be connected to their relationship banks in a highly secure environment. Fund managers can […]

Instant Messaging: The Next Big Thing?

Despite recent economic uncertainties and subsequent budget contractions, technology continues its steady advance. “Collaboration technology”, say its proponents, is on the verge of becoming a key element in the industry’s drive towards T+1. The brochures proclaim, “We work closely with our business partners to ensure maximum understanding and efficiency.” The salespeople assert, “Our back offices […]

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