Month: March 2002

SuperDerivatives Adds Functionality

Following its January upgrade, Internet-based currency options pricing system SuperDerivatives has been augmented further. The company says that the major change has been an increase in the speed of price calculation. Other enhancements are an option to open secondary windows, to enable users to price more than one option at a time, and the introduction […]

Bank of America Implements OpVar Risk Measurement

Bank of America is to implement OpVar, an operational risk measurement solution created by OpVantage. The system is compliant with the New Capital Accord requirements issued by the Bank for International Settlements. OpVantage says that OpVar enables financial institutions to apply measurement approaches to operational risk using tools and techniques that were formerly only available […]

Icap Gets Mexican IRS Model

New York-based Garban Capital Markets and SIF/Garban Intercapital in Mexico City are to use the Kalahari Advanced Calculation Environment (Kace) pricing application for Mexican peso interest rate swap (IRS). This is part of an agreement whereby Kalahari will supply pricing software to all Icap’s major offices globally. “Kalahari’s pricing model helped us significantly in our […]

Australia Defies Global Recession

By Karen Pringle, Senior Economist, ANZ Investment Bank, Melbourne With the global economy slipping into recession and growth in Australia’s major trading partners slowing from 5% in 2000 to just 1% in 2001, several economic commentators were quick to predict a return to recession in Australia last year. However, the doomsayers have again been proven […]

What’s Driving the ECB?

By Michael Burke, B&M Research The overall policy framework for the European Central Bank (ECB) remains largely unclear to most in the financial markets, and the policy-making process seems to be deliberately opaque. There is also a widespread perception that an aim of the European central bankers is to wrong-foot the financial markets regarding their […]

Measuring Alternative Investment Market Performance

By Daniel Bocwinski and William Bagwell, LJH Global Investments With the continued growth of the hedge fund industry, demand is rising for a benchmark to measure alternative investment performance. Many individuals and institutions investing money in hedge funds for the first time can benefit from using a composite market index to track the performance of […]

Centradia Commences Business – Quietly

In a quiet, low profile manner, multibank portal Centradia went live in November to its participating banks, Societe Generale, Sanpaolo IMI, Santander Central Hispano and The Royal Bank of Scotland. The banks are providing their clients with execution services in spot, swap and outright FX, money market loans and deposits and primary fixed income. Uniquely, […]

360T: Building a Multi-Product Environment

As higher profile portals look forward to developing additional product capabilities, Germany-based 360T has stolen a march by releasing a cross product platform that enables its users to trade FX spot, forward and outrights (including broken dates and mis-matches), money market loans and deposits, FRAs, interest rate swaps out to 10 years, and vanilla FX […]

Reuters Unveils Dealing Link

Reuters has announced the rollout of its Internet direct dealing offering, Reuters Dealing Link (RDL), a product it hopes will find a new set of users, primarily among regional and less active institutions. RDL is due to be rolled out at the end of Q1, and is currently being tested with selected financial institutions. RDL […]

Goldman Sachs Moves into Prime Brokerage

At a time of increasing interest in prime brokerage services, Goldman Sachs has raised the bar by releasing its proprietary prime brokerage model online. The platform has been developed using the functionality of Goldman’s front and back office trade management and risk systems, which are used in all of the firm’s global offices. In line […]

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