Month: September 2001

Will FX Move to an Exchange Model?

Some believe the transition to an exchange-based model is already under way, while others say such a model will never gain footing. Julie Ros looks at the factors involved in moving to a central FX exchange, and what impact the introduction of CLS could have on the process. While the question of whether or not […]

ACI Meets with UK’s FSA Over Training Standards

On 26 April, ACI – UK hosted a meeting to review the proposals by the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) to introduce training and competence standards for the wholesale financial markets. This review was followed on 8 May, by a meeting in which the ACI parent organisation presented its exam suite to FSA for consideration […]

Currency Managers Show Gains in May

The Parker FX Index achieved a positive return of 1.04% in May, while the Parker Emerging FX Index also showed gains during the month, ending up 2.52%, the highest return since July 2000. All 43 programs in the FX Index reported May results, with 67% reporting positive results and 33% ending the month with losses. […]


Company Information: Company Name: CORAL ROCK INVESTMENTS, INC Location: Charleston, South Carolina Contact Name: Laura Kimzey Product Name: White Coral Product Assests: $ 80,000,000 Total Assets Under Management: $ 111,000,000 Firm Inception Date: June 1990 Number of Employees: 4     Return Information Annual Performance 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 […]

HONDA S2000 Far Eastern Delights: A Delightful Hangover Cure…

BY GLADSTONE J. GUNNER The other Sunday morning I received a telephone call rather too soon after the night before, from a friend who had managed to get his hands on a Mugen converted Honda S2000 sports car. Feeling somewhat jaded, I woke myself with an espresso, 10 minutes later my chauffeur arrived. I heard […]

Anchors in the Global Monetary System; Mr G

By Andres Drobny, DrobnyGlobalMonitor Returns from equity investment in emerging markets have apparently been very close to zero over the past 10 years. Man, anxiety adjusted, that’s not very good! Especially when you consider that, over the same period, most advanced capitalist country equity markets recorded substantial returns. This comparison forms the basis for the […]

Simulation-based Credit Exposure Models: An Alternative Worth Pursuing?

By Bob Boettcher, VP, Product Marketing, Algorithmics Incorporated In part one of this two-part series, a case was made for allowing banks to use simulation-based credit exposure models, and it was argued that the BIS should permit banks to calculate credit equivalent exposures using either the current, standard approach or a simulation-based credit exposure model. […]

The Outlook for Global Inflation

By Michael Burke, B&M Research For the central bankers in the leading economies, who have nearly all been easing monetary policy in the recent period, the outlook is dominated by the prospect of weak growth, not rising inflation. The Fed in particular has been at pains to downplay any suggestion that inflationary risks are rising. […]

Taipei Bank Goes Live with E-Trading System from FNX

Taipei Bank has gone live with the Sierra Treasury system from Pennsylvania-based FNX. The bank is using the Web-enabled version of Sierra to support multiple trading locations and a diverse range of products, including FX spot/forward, FX options, money markets, fixed income securities, repos, interest rate swaps, cross currency swaps and FRAs. All branches of […]

Gain Capital Releases New Version of Platform

Online FX margin broker Gain Capital has released a new version of its Internet-based dealing software. The latest version offers improved order capabilities, a redesigned user interface and increased performance, according to officials. “The latest release incorporates many user requests and internal development initiatives from our trading desk and management team,” says Mark Galant, CEO […]

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