Month: June 2001

Reuters Makes Global Product Push

Reuters released a host of new services at last month’s ACI Forex 2001 conference in Singapore. Among the products on show was a hosted version of the automated dealing service, a new interface for system-to-system trading and a number of enhancements to its FX forwards and overnight matching service. At the show, Reuters announced that […]

Fxall Goes Live with 14 Liquidity Providers

FXall officially launched its automated portal for online currency dealing on 10 May with trading in spot, forwards and swaps in multiple currencies between the 14 equity shareholder banks and clients from the group’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Phil Weisberg, CEO, says there were a number of large wholesale transactions that went through on day […]

We Go Very, Very Fast on the Triumph TT600

By JJ Heintz Before you unleash a tirade of abuse at the irresponsible nature of this article, be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, we at BikeNet do not condone the application of irresponsible speeds on public roads, and secondly, the test was performed in the good old US of A. Please note that […]