Month: December 1999

Y2K What Does it Mean to You?

By Philip Kozloff, Kozloff Consulting Most of you will be taking the rest of the Century off. The Times of London reported in October that traders would be away from their desks and telephones from about December 15th until well after the Millennium Weekend. That leaves us with very little time to make any strategic […]

London Motor Show –

The Girls are Back in Town! She was a vision of beauty! Draped across the bonnet of the blood red Ferrari. Demure, elegantly dressed, appearance fettled with thought, well-planned make-up. Undeniably sexy, a unique selling proposition. A double take – I saw through the haze to behold a doll filled with nothing but marketing hot […]

ACI Votes in New Initiatives at Excom & Council Meetings in Spain

ACI – The Financial Markets Association held the second of its semi-annual Council and Executive Committee meetings in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, alongside the annual general meeting of ACI-Forex España last month. At the meetings, ACI admitted Iceland as its 60th member country, represented by the association’s first president, Ólafur Ásgeirsson, general manager of Islandsbanki […]

ACI’s Gerry Göhler Says 50 Years is Enough for Any Man

After 50 years in the FX markets, Gerry Göhler is throwing in the towel. He joined the market in 1949 with a hand-cranked calculator, and is leaving the markets almost computer literate! Born in Germany in 1927, Göhler took his first trainee position with the Bank of Saxony in Leipsig in 1943. As a refugee […]

Bank of England Outlines Y2K Preparations

The Bank of England has been making active preparations to promote orderly market conditions over the Y2K period. The successful testing of the key sterling market systems – CGO, CMO, CREST and RTGS – reported in the Bank’s “Blue Book” series gives assurance to market participants that the infrastructure will operate normally. In parallel, the […]

FX Committee Issues Y2K Best Practices for Clearing and Central Banks

The Foreign Exchange Committee, which is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) has issued a set of Best Practice guidelines to be followed if Y2K events occur within the FX market. The FX Committee jointly issued the guidelines with the Australian Financial Markets Association, The British Bankers’ Association, the Canadian Foreign Exchange […]

EccoWare Launches Range in Chicago

EccoWare launched its product range at last month’s FIA, Futures & Options Expo. The company, founded by Jonathan Cowan and Dan Eccleston, was formed earlier this year to build electronic trading and risk management software. EccoWare’s systems provide multiple exchange connectivity, extensive pre- and post-trade risk management, as well as sophisticated strategy execution software to […]

John Hull Named Infinity Financial Engineer of the Year

Infinity, a SunGard Company, and the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE) announced that John Hull, professor of finance in the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, has been named as the 1999 IAFE/Infinity Financial Engineer of the Year. The award was presented to Hull at the IAFE 1999 conference […]

Mpct Solutions Brings Two STP Products to Market

Mpct Solutions is releasing two new products – Atlas.FX and Atlas.MM – to market under the ATLASdot brand name. The systems provide 24-hour straight-through processing. The systems work to automate routine decisions, thus eliminating manual processing and providing error-free processing from deal inception to settlement, says an official. ATLASdot provides rule based processing, integrated risk […]

Leonia Bank Selects Global Trading Operations

Finland’s second largest commercial bank, Leonia Bank, has taken Bank One Corporation’s Global Trading Operations (GTO) to process FX transactions. The system will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2000. Leonia, which recently announced a merger of equals with Finnish Insurers Sampo, says it is forming the first “full-service” financial group in Finland. […]

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