Day: 1 November 1999

FXA Launches Analysis Service on Reuters

Foreign Exchange Analytics, based in Essex, CT, began providing its online commentary of the global FX market over Reuters last month on pages FXAFX1-FXAFX44 with an index pages on FXANALYTICS. FXA was founded in May 1994 by David Gilmore, who manages and writes the fundamental analysis, and by David Solin, who handles the technical commentary. […]

Infinity Releases Web-Enabled Back Office Solution

Infinity, a SunGard Company, announced the release of eFinity, one of the first Internet-enabled back office solutions. The service will provide complete processing – from trade enrichment, through to confirmations, payments, settlements, SWIFT messaging and general ledger postings for derivatives, FX and money market instruments. The service is all-inclusive and provides application and system software, […]

AIMA Chair Jaffer To Head FWU Finanz

Sohail Jaffer, chairman of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) has joined FWU Finanz-und Wirtscaftsberatung GmbH, a major independent financial services firm headquartered in Munich. At FWU, Jaffer will be managing director and chief investment officer, responsible for establishing a new asset management company and a mutual funds family in Luxembourg. He will also lead […]

ACI Singapore Hosts Risk Management Seminar

ACI Singapore held a seminar last month focusing on how proactive risk management can drive shareholder value. The half-day event featured July Lee, partner at The Capital Markets Company (Capco) in the US, who addressed issues of how to make risk management effective in practice, as well as the lessons learned from the recent cases […]

First Union Launches “Online FX” for Auto Dealing

First Union, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has gone live with Online FX, its new Internet-based FX dealing system, which uses Cognotec’s AutoDeal Lite service. First Union previously had several different automated systems that customers used, so with AutoDeal LITE, the bank can consolidate all of these onto a single system, thereby streamlining the risk […]

EBS Direct?

Is it true that EBS is in the early development stages of an Internet-based conversational service to rival that of Reuters Dealing 2000-1 called EBS Direct? Sources close to EBS say that this is something the group is “possibly considering”, but decline to elaborate further.

The Future of Futures Trading

Are futures exchanges making the right decisions in the rush to offer electronic access to their markets ‘ or are some products better suited than others for screen-based trading? Julie Ros takes a look at some of the latest developments by the world’s derivatives exchanges, and how the market is receiving them. As the world’s […]

Why Are Global Short-Term Interest Rates Rising?

By Michael Burke, B&M Research The prospect of a business expansion in all three leading economies, the US, Euroland and Japan, should be cause for cheer. After all, we have barely seen this type of synchronised economic upturn over the last decade. Yet we are barely out of the starting-stall in the race for stronger […]

Trading Whilst Running

By Neil Murphy, Cantor Index Last month I introduced you to our “Mayor of London” market. By the time this issue is published, I suspect that our prices for the main contenders, as well as for the “also rans”, may not look quite the same as they did in October’s issue. The Tory candidate will […]

Surviving Y2K on the Personal Side

By Philip Kozloff, Kozloff Consulting, The media has been having a ball with the zaniness of some of the Y2K “survivalists.” But many ordinary folk are altering their personal strategies as the Century Date rollover approaches. Airlines are scaling back operations over the critical weekend, citing diminished traveler demand. Some major national rail grids […]