Month: October 1999

Tullett & Tokyo Proceeds With Beta Tests of Fast Forwards

The joint venture between Tullett & Tokyo and Bloomberg to launch Fast Forwards, an electronic trading service for currency forwards, is due to enter beta tests later this month with 12 companies. Officials report that alpha and beta testing is proceeding to schedule, and that Bloomberg/Tullett are at present evaluating the pros and cons of […]

Mercedes S-Class: Super Liner

By Gladstone J. Gunner Mercedes S-Class – evolution of the superior brand Among all products in our western world, there are brands that stand out as the best in their field, totally aspirational. Worthy of the extra outlay, satisfaction guaranteed. In the area of white goods, Miele proves to envious neighbors that you and your […]


Ken, Jeffrey, Frank, Glenda, Trevor, Stephen, Tony, Uncle Tom, Cobbleigh and all? The Quest to find a Mayor of London By David Buik, Cantor Index Over the past 15 years, spread betting has traditionally enjoyed its highest profile during times of General Elections. For such a phlegmatic and laid-back nation as the UK, the country […]

ACI Australia & AFMA Enter Second Stage of Dealer Accreditation

ACI Australia (ACI) and the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) are entering the second phase in making dealer accreditation a standard in Australian dealing rooms, reports Clive Bennett, President of ACI Australia and AFMA Executive Committee member. As much as 90% of banks in Australia have now made the dealer accreditation a condition of service. […]

Why the South African Rand Will Collapse Again

By John Cairns, History has a way of repeating itself. The South African rand collapsed spectacularly in both 1996 and 1998, seeing losses in the order of 30% taking the rand to R6.84 per dollar at one stage, and everything suggests a similar pattern will develop again. Effectively, as the economy recovers into next […]

The Likely Scope of Fed Tightening

By Michael Burke, B&M Research Subdued jobs growth recorded in the latest US non-farm payrolls has left market sentiment less sure about the prospect for further Fed tightening. Yet, looking behind the ebb and flow of each new piece of US economic data, an analysis of what makes the Fed tick suggests that rates are […]

An ECB Rate Protest is Needed to Stem Euro Weakness.

By Andres Drobny, DrobnyGlobalMonitor There’s an odd thing in the latest ECB report, released September 16. On the surface, it looks and sounds relaxed. The report makes pleasant sounding noises about inflation rising, but levelling off below the 2% level. However, all of this seems to be based on currency values in play before the […]

CLS Bank Prepares for October 2000 Launch

Excerpted from speeches given by CLS officials at the Sibos conference in Munich last month At present, our focus is very clearly on the successful launch and ramp-up of CLS Bank, reducing forex settlement risk and establishing a new, global process for multi-currency settlement. However, we also have an eye for the future. CLS will […]

Keeping it Simple: a Look at the UK’s FX Joint Standing Committee

By Clifford Smout, Bank of England The UK’s FX Joint Standing Committee (JSC), established 25 years ago under the auspices of the Bank of England, has managed to keep a low, yet unique profile in the market over the years. It has kept its size down to a handful of participants, using its word of […]

CME Addresses its Future with a String of New Initiatives

Basking in the afterglow of the partnership announcement with the London Financial Futures and Options Exchange (Liffe), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange released a report last month detailing the efforts by its Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Electronic trading, increased credit risks, integration across markets and borders, as well as competition from overseas exchanges are among the […]