Month: September 1999

Barclays Capital Gets New Digs in Singapore

Barclays Capital moved into a brand new dealing room in Singapore on July 5. The 32-position floor now houses all the dealers on one floor, as opposed to the several floors in its previous quarters at Shell Tower in Raffles Place. The new building is located at 23 Church Street, Capital Square.

Nostradamus Predicts…

Nostradamus Systems Ltd is the newest entrant to the market, using neural networks to predict directional movements. The service, available over Reuters (NOSTRA – NOSTRZ), is designed for intra-day and intra-session traders. Tim Finch, one of the group’s founders, says Nostradamus offers traders an edge, using its directional indicator, Compass, to provide “second by second” […]

Cognotec Prize Draw

Cognotec awarded three digital video cameras to the winners of its prize draw, which was based on answers to a questionnaire handed out to delegates of Forex 99 in Milan. Francesco Ceci, treasurer of ABN Amro in Milan; Vladimir Jurik, head of institutional client sales for Tatra Bank in Bratislava, Slovak Republic; and Mark Mitchell, […]

CLS Services Announces October 2000 Start Date

CLS Services, the industry body founded to reduce FX settlement risk, has announced October 2 as the “go live” date for the new CLS Bank settlement system. On day one, a “first wave” of five currencies will go live (the Canadian dollar, euro, sterling, Swiss franc and US dollar), with the Japanese yen and Australian […]

UBS Releases Animated CD-Rom As Trading Aid for Investors

UBS Warburg Dillon Read has released a new forex product designed for investors, hedgers and yield enhancers. FX Spectra is a highly animated CD-Rom which first determines the users view of the market, whether bullish, bearish, or range trading, and then creates a risk profile based on a variety of structured products. Using audio and […]

CSFB & Tremont Link Up To Create Hedge Fund Indices

Credit Suisse First Boston Index Co and Tremont Advisers have announced plans to create a new series of hedge fund indices, as well as the world’s first “investable” hedge fund index product through a joint venture dubbed CSFB Tremont Index. A capital-weighted master index, CSFB Tremont Hedge Fund Index will launch early next month and […]

Sibos to Draw 2100 Delegates to Munich

This year’s Sibos event is taking place September 13-17 in Munich. The technology show, which focuses on middleware, is expected to draw more than 2,100 delegates and 200 vendors. Among the many bank and vendor representatives that will be showcasing their products are: Cognotec, FX Net Services and CLS Services, among others. There will also […]

Malaysia Re-Included In Emerging Markets Indices

Morgan Stanley announced that from February 2000, it will again include Malaysia in its EMF and all country free indices, barring any reversal in recent reforms. Standard & Poor’s MMS reports that offshore funds may ultimately have to join domestic buyers in reweighting Asian portfolios accordingly, following the 5.9% gain on the KLSE immediately after […]

The Dawn of the Internet Has Arrived

With everyone and his brother proclaiming “We are an Internet company”, it’s difficult to tell who is actually using the medium to conduct business. Julie Ros looks at a few of the banks that have actually begun trading FX over the Net and finds out why they’re doing it, what the benefits are, and who’s […]

CLS Services Names New Board Members

As CLS Services, the body set up to reduce FX settlement risk via CLS Bank, has named two members to its Board of Directors, ahead of next year’s scheduled launch. Bank of America’s Robert McKnew, managing director and deputy head of Global Markets, as well as Mark Garvin, senior country officer for Chase Manhattan Bank, […]