Month: August 1999

CSFB’s Chiddicks Exits the Market

Credit Suisse First Boston’sSteve Yanez is moving to London this month to take up the regional management role as head of money markets and FX forwards. This position was recently vacated by Trevor Chiddicks, who has left the market. Yanez, who was located in New York, maintains his role as global manager for trading, money […]

Barclays Capital Appoints Global Head of FX Options

Barclays Capital has hired Areski Iberrakene from Bankers Trust as director and global head of FX options, and a member of the FX management team. Iberrakene, who joins the bank at the beginning of August, reports to Paul Thrush, global head of FX. Iberrakene will oversee the global business, which consists of vanilla and exotic […]

Bear Stearns Hires BMo’s Jones in London

Neil Jones has joined Bear Stearns in London as a senior trader covering Canadian dollar products. Jones was previously with Bank of Montreal in Toronto, where he set up a 24-hour trading desk.

The Whips and Scorns of Time!

By City Index’s David Buik if Wales win over England at Wembley to win the rugby Triple Crown in April wasn’t the last straw to break the camel’s back of the spread-betting enthusiast! Well, sadly this was the first of a number of sporting thunderbolts to come “out of the blue” for both punters […]

Y2K What Does it Mean to You?

By Philip Kozloff, Kozloff Consulting, Foreign currency is a pain in the butt. Producing, handling and re-circulating bills and coins is one of the dirtiest, least-appreciated jobs of a banking system. But unless you operate a foreign exchange kiosk or are planning a trip to another country, you are more likely to think about […]