The 10 Best NFT Hashtags You Should Know

The 10 Best NFT Hashtags

Using the right NFT hashtags while promoting your NFTs is crucial for successfully reaching more people. To get your NFT promotions and social media posts seen by the maximum number of potential subscribers you need to know the top trending NFT hashtags. 

You will also need to understand how to use your NFT hashtags appropriately during your promotional ventures. Here, we have dedicated this space to the recently updated “Top 10 Best NFT Hashtags” and learn about the pro tips on NFT promotion. 

The 10 Best NFT Hashtags

The 10 Best NFT Hashtags

Here are the 10 best NFT Hashtags that can be used on any platform across social media and can be relevant for almost every NFT-related post.

  1. #nft
  2. #nfts
  3. #nftart
  4. #nftcommunity
  5. #nftdrops
  6. #nftartist
  7. #nftcollector
  8. #nftcollectibles
  9. #digitalart
  10. #nftartgallery

Tips for Promoting NFTs on Social Media

The 10 Best NFT Hashtags

1. Grow Your User Base With a Large Following

Having a large and diverse audience base is one of the first and most important steps in launching a successful NFT. A larger audience will bring more exposure to your NFTs and provide credibility for attracting new users fo NFT. This is very basic and as we can see from most of the record-high NFT sales, almost all of them have a huge number of followers on social media that acts as a community for backing them. 

2. Making Use of the Right Keywords and Hashtags

Having a huge follower count is not enough as you will still need to optimize your NFT posts to reach bigger audiences on the platform. Your next major investor may not be among your current followers so carefully plan out the keywords and hashtags to use with your social media posts to increase the visibility of your promotional content among users who are searching for similar information. 

Hashtags need to be short and memorable so they can be used or quoted easily by your community in the comments. You can choose some of the hashtags we’ve listed here as they are some of the most popular and most likely to reach others’ search feeds. 

3. Create Engaging and Informative Content

It’s quite usual for audience members to have a lot of questions regarding your NFT project. The onus is on you to engage your audience with relevant information about your NFT project. Depending on the social media platform, there are many ways to effectively engage with your audience. For eg. You can post an ama “Ask Me Anything” on Instagram to find out more about what your followers want to know and answer general questions there. 

4. Try to Collaborations with Influencers

Try to look for and partner with influencers who have the right kind of audience that suits your NFT project. With the right financial planning and the right kind of partners, you can greatly enhance your project to grow faster. Social media influencers who are popular for uploading finance and investment-related content are some of the best options if you can make it work. You can also look for other celebrities and public figures who have a trusted presence and loyal fanbase. 

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