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Forex Network Chicago 2014
venue The Westin Chicago River North


320 North Dearborn Street

city Chicago

state IL 60654

country USA

Contact Email

Contact Tel. +44 (0)20 7382 0335

Event Dates Starts: Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 08:00
Ends: Friday, September 26, 2014 - 15:00

Event Prices:


Delegate: US$1050

Non-exhibiting vendor: US$2500




* The day conference is free to qualifying members of the buy side. Registration fees apply to attendees from banks, non-exhibiting vendor firms, broker-dealers, platforms, exchanges and interdealer brokerages. The definition of “Buy side” firms encompasses investing institutions such as mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, independent traders, hedge funds, CTAs, asset managers, and corporates. Technology suppliers do not fall into the definition of “buy side” firms.


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DAY ONE - 25th September

8:00-9:00 Registration

9:00-9:50 Panel One: The Leadership Session

As the regulatory pendulum continues to swing, FX is increasingly being targeted by politicians, legislators and regulators as the next area of the financial services industry in need of reform. Members of the FXPA discuss the new association’s key objectives, the re-shaping of the FX industry and what the industry needs to do to thrive in today’s regulatory climate.

This panel will also look at:
  • How much damage could this pendulum do before it starts to swing back in the other direction?
  • How can the industry educate the rule makers about the unique aspects of the FX market and what makes it work?
  • Is there a need for greater leadership amongst the industry?

9:50-10:15 The P&L Interview: The Future for Chat and Conversational Dealing
As the FX industry continues to reel from the fall-out of conversations held in chat rooms and regulators and clients continue to demand greater transparency, market surveillance is more important than ever before.

But what will this new world of market surveillance look like?

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break - Sponsored by ParFX

10:45-11:45 Panel Two: The Modern Trader’s Guide to Survival - Sponsored by Citadel Securities
FX faces up to a post-Fix world and a changing market structure as regulation impacts. What do traders need to do to thrive in this environment, what is the future for execution services and who will be the major players in the market in the years ahead?

This panel will also look at:
  • The design and use of algos
  • The challenge of market making
  • Agency and principal-based execution
  • Execution in a fluid market structure

11:45-12:30 The P&L Discussion: From AAA to Major League
There remains significant potential for growth in the retail/small institutional segment of the FX market. What do providers have to offer to help bring new business to the market and what are the nuances of servicing retail/small institutional clients.

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:15 Panel Three: Fault Lines: The New Risks in FX

From technology to processing, the tectonic plates are shifting as the speed of trading increases relentlessly. This means new risks emerge almost by the month in financial markets. What can technology do to mitigate these risks and where do the risks of the near future lie?

This panel will also look at:
  • Dealing with latency
  • Runaway algos
  • Processing bottlenecks
  • The challenge of clearing

2:15-3:15 Panel Four: ACT versus TCA
There is a renewed emphasis on best execution in foreign exchange,; however it is very much focused away from benchmark fixings. How can we realistically judge and measure best execution and what should the methodologies be behind a firm’s policies? What are the differences between the Actual Cost of Trading compared to what Transaction Cost Analysis tells us?

3:15-3:45 Coffee Break - Sponsored by ParFX

3:45-4:35 Panel Five: Aggregation Friendly? The Reality of SEF-World

SEFs have been live now for almost a year, what has been the experience for operators and users and what role will aggregation play in the new market landscape? Where are the opportunities for providers of aggregation services?

4:35-5:30 Panel Six: Reinventing FX
Technology remains a game changer in FX, what are the disruptors in the industry? How is the way we trade, process and manage business evolving as connectivity and the inter-linked nature of the industry become key themes?

5:30 Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by CME

8:30 After Party – Sponsored by EBS

DAY TWO - 26th September

9:00 Full English Breakfast – Sponsored by GFI

10:00-11:00 Panel Seven: Regional Strengths, Global Relevance

What do regional banks need to do to remain relevant to their clients to avoid them being lured away? How are their relationships with global players changing?

This panel will also look at :
  • The role of technology in retaining clients
  • Single dealer platforms
  • Differentiating oneself from a global giant
  • Buy, build or blend?

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break - Sponsored by ParFX

11:30-12:15  The P&L Insight Session: A Brighter Future? FX in 2015 and Beyond

Volatility is low and investigations continue, but so too does innovation and technological capabilities. What will the FX market look like in the future? This panel will look at the issues facing FX from different perspectives and seek to discern a future shape for the industry

12:15-13:00 Panel Eight: The Think Tank – Thinking the Unthinkable?
What would an FX market without banks look like for other participants? What is the value proposition for banks offering prime brokerage? How will clearing shape how we handle trades and how we execute? What would the impact be on asset managers and their ability to hedge cash flows and execute strategies?