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Latest News

Consolidation Begins in the New Swaps Environment?

Market participants are predicting that there will be consolidation amongst swap execution facilities and related infrastructures...

UK’s FEMR Launches ‘Forward Facing’ Consultation

The Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR) established in June by UK chancellor George Osborne and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, has launched a consultation aimed at determining what needs to be done to reinforce confidence in the fairness and effectiveness of the fixed income, currency and commodities markets...

SGX Content With RMB Futures Launch

Deutsche Bank Names Wisnia Head of FIC Structuring

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How Real is the Threat of Regionalisation for Swaps Trading?

Banks in Asia Focused on Capital Requirements Over Clearing

GFI Will Review BGC Partners’ Unsolicited Tender Offer

Latest Video

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - Panel 1: Market Making in an Electronic World

Bank and non-bank marketing makers came together to discuss regulation, fragmentation and risk management at Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago, which drew a crowd of nearly 600 to the Windy City in September. Chris Concannon, partner at Virtu Financial; Peter Nabicht, executive vice president at Allston Trading; Chris Purves, MD and global head of FX e-trading at UBS Investment Bank; and Greg Wood, director, algorithmic execution, FX and listed derivatives at Deutsche Bank, started the session looking at the benefits of more regulation to the sector. Fragmentation within the FX market led to discussions on IT risk management, with Purves suggesting that the industry would benefit by defining a common mechanism for connectivity and therefore avoiding the need to recode every time a platform adds a new feature.   ...

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - Panel 5: Best Execution: Staying Ahead of the Pack

Profit & Loss editor Colin Lambert opened a session at Forex Network Chicago on best execution by asking whether there are best practices for best execution. Ray Kamrath, chairman and CEO of Faros Trading, noted that TCA is definitely a growing segment in FX, so measurement is an important factor in defining best execution. When that develops in FX, perhaps to the level it is in equities, then price will matter more in FX, he said. Greg Ingrassia, senior FX trader at Buttonwood Group Trading, added that FX historically has not been a fee-based business, but that now, bid/offer spreads are being looked at as a real cost. Lambert asked Mike Harris, director of trading at Campbell & Company, whether he thought the market has moved away from the agency versus principal argument. Harris noted there is an active debate in the algo space around three choices – the pure agency model with no internalisation; or one in which you can turn on internalisation (the FX equivalent of a dark pool, in which you have limited market impact and you’re not paying a fee); and the third being the bank only principal model, “but even if I wanted to use it, that’s the one I can’t get it past my best execution committee”.   ...

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - Panel 2: Patents vs Trade Secrets

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012- Keynote Address: Market Vulnerability and High Speed Trading

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - Panel 4: Growth Markets: Opportunities in Latin America

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - The P&L Interview: The Evolution of EBS

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - The P&L Interview: Is the World Coming to Chicago?

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago 2012 - The Profit & Loss Think Tank: Evolving the Platform Model

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